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Dimitri wouters @ frozen beatz 2012

» Dimitri Wouters

Dimitri Wouters, one of the residents at Noxx and the magical "Paradise Saturdays" is coming to Frozen Beatz. Last summer on Tomorrowland, this winter at Frozen Beatz ! Enjoy !

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Raffa Ciello @ frozen beatz 2012

» Raffa Ciello

This god needs no introduction. As a resident and hero of summersoundz he has his hour of fame on frozen beatz! Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for Raffa Ciello?!

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Vinny Volanto @ frozen beatz 2012

» Vinny Volanto

Mr. Vinny Volanto plays a home game! This electro - minimal deejay is a real bomb! Come check it out at frozen beatz

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Sven & T-Jordy @ frozen beatz 2012

» Sven & T-Jordy

Two brothers and some DJ equipment? Great nights of music! Sven and T-Jordy, also of Heusden-Zolder are gonna rock everbody on the dancefloor!

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Kenn Colt @ frozen beatz 2012

» Kenn Colt

Really?? Do you need an introduction about this deejay - Producer? I don't think so! Kenn Colt is good at what he's doing... and that is.. creating one hell of a party !

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Dimitri wouters @ frozen beatz 2012

» W-Flash

Deejay W-Flash, a young talent in the deejay-scene, almost played in all the big clubs in Belgium as guest and now playing at Frozen Beatz ! Ladies are you ready ?

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Deejay Gia @ frozen beatz 2012

» Gia

Deejay Gia, a well-known guy in the neighborhood, the first act this year at frozen beatz, he's gonna rock it!

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When & Where

Frozen Beatz is the 14th of january at 't Kuipershof in Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.
Doors open at 9.00 pm and music is playing till 4.00 am 't Kuipershof - Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.


Tickets in presale are available for € 5, the price at the door is € 8.
Tickets are available at MVC Paal, Xplosive Heusden and the crew. Check where you can buy a ticket !

Free Party Bus

Last winter it was cold and dangerous, that's why there is a free party bus this year ! Please use this bus and come safe to Frozen Beatz ! BTW, you get a free drink when you use the bus
You can check the bus hours here !